A roundup of  Internet things that caught my eye this week

1.  Sometimes when you have a particularly delicious looking meal you need to snap a picture to share.  Follow these rules for instagramming food.

2.  That first link led me to this wonderful creation –  Tex-Mex breakfast waffle nachos. I will be trying these one weekend in the very near future.  Yum!

3.  This list of 25 most iconic movie quotes of the last 25 years is great.  How many of these movies have you seen?

4.  This cosmetic database includes details on the chemicals and toxicity levels of thousands of beauty products.  I initially started using it to check on the products I use on Logan but have since started checking my own beauty products.

5.  A listing of the most photogenic places in each state.  Connecticut’s location is Mohegan Sun Casino.



A roundup of  Internet things that caught my eye this week

1.   Who said it – Donald Trump, Kanye, or Lord Voldemort?  These are both shocking and funny.

2.  This listing of the most powerful passports is really interesting.  The United States is tied with 4 other countries for the number 4 spot.

3.  The first uterus transplant in the US is really exciting and could mean women previously unable to have children could now do so.

4.  Glamour magazine rounded up some images of the red carpet before all celebrities had stylists.

5.  How the cocktail got it’s name.  Just reading this had me reaching for one!


A roundup of  Internet things that caught my eye this week

1.  The SS United States, the 1950s fastest luxury liner, has been docked for years but a recent purchase of the ship by Crystal Cruises may mean it could sail again.

2.  The trailer for Fuller House has been released!  The Netflix original spinoff of Full House premieres February 25th and I couldn’t be more excited.

3.  Its National Wine Day!  Here is a list of tv characters most likely to toast to the day.

4.  Performances from this year’s Grammys are ranked from worst to best.

5.  Apple is fighting the FBI on their request to have access to data