KinderPerfect Review

I’ve discovered being a parent is a complete rollercoaster and being a parent to a toddler is absolute insanity.  There are new adventures everyday and you are put in situations you never thought you would be. A new game, KinderPerfect, captures those moments perfectly. Described as “a timeout for parents” it is a hilarious card game modeled after Cards Against Humanity.  The cards describe real-life situations gathered from actual parents.


First, the game came delivered with a hand drawn note from the creator’s kids. How cute!  I played with my boyfriend and two friends and we had such a great time!

Each player draws 10 white cards. Some of my favorites are below! Each round one red card is pulled and players select the best response from the cards in their hand. You end up with some hilarious combinations.

img_3281img_3282img_3279The game is so relatable to real life. I would highly recommend this game to parents or anyone who has worked with children. It’s guaranteed to bring out some laughs. I can’t wait to pull it out for our next neighborhood moms night – there are 4 of us on the same street all with kids 1 and under. I know they will love it!

I was given a copy of KinderPerfect in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own!


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