With my mom and stepmom at the Connecticut State Capitol building

Yesterday I had the privilege of standing with women, children, and male allies at the Connecticut Women’s March, lending our voices to the fight against injustice and standing in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington and the 600 events happening worldwide.  There were an estimated 10,000 participants in CT and 1 million worldwide.

I marched for every little girl who has been taught her voice and value are not important.

I marched for every women who has experienced the glass ceiling and had her ideas and contributions undervalued and under appreciated.

I marched for the right to make my own decisions regarding my body and reproductive health.

I marched for the LGBTQ community who are not awarded the same rights as I, a cisgendered woman, am.

I marched for the minority communities and their daily struggle for racial equality.

And most importantly, I marched for my son in the hopes that his future will be a little bit brighter because of my participation and the millions of others across the globe who stood with me.

I feel so honored to have participated in such a historic event but know the fight has just begun.  I will not be silenced until all people are awarded the same fundamental human rights.



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