No sugar added Apple-Banana-Carrot Muffins


As Logan quickly approaches his first birthday he suddenly  has become an extremely picky eater.  I think it has less to  do with the flavors and more with textures at this point, but it makes mealtime very frustrating. Because of this I’ve tried to get creative with the food he will eat. He is a huge fan of bananas and applesauce so I wanted a way to combine those 2 in something with a little more texture.  I found this recipe for Apple-Banana-Carrot muffins and was sold.  There is no added sugar, it is sweetened only with applesauce, which makes these even more appealing especially for Logan.

These muffins are surprisingly good even without any added sugar. They are just slightly sweet from the added fruits and vegetable and you just feel healthy eating them!

I made a few alterations to the recipe  and was pleased with the outcome – I used canola oil instead of coconut oil, 2 bananas instead of 1, omitted the ground almonds and replaced with regular flour in the same amount, and also left out the walnuts. Logan hasn’t tried any nuts yet so I made sure to completely avoid them – I’m sure these muffins are great with them added though.

If you’re looking for a healthy muffin, especially for your littles, I’d definitely give this a try!




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