Well I took a bit of an (unintentional) hiatus from my blog.  Life has been BUSY lately and soon one day of not blogging turned into one week, one month, and here we are 6 weeks later!

Logan turned 8 months on Sunday (can you believe it?!) and becomes increasingly mobile everyday.  He is fully crawling and even pulling himself up to standing.  Gone are the days of leaving him in one spot and expecting him be there when we return!   Most days Matt and I get home from work and spend a few hours chasing him around, complete his bedtime routine, eat dinner, wash and prepare bottles for the next day, and collapse into bed.  Over the past few weekends we’ve visited my dad’s farm in  Maryland and went to the Smithsonian National Zoo, hosted a Memorial Day BBQ and started some yard projects including planting a vegetable garden and started landscaping under the front window.  I also uncovered Matt’s plan to throw me a surprise 30th birthday party over 4th of July weekend (30 in 15 days OH MY GOODNESS) so we’ve been planning that as well.

Summer is my absolute favorite season and I’m so excited to have Logan experience some of my favorite activities.  Our summer “bucket list” is below.

  • Visit the Mystic Aquarium
  • Take Logan to the beach for the first time – I have this swim diaper and baby sunblock all set to go.  I am still on the hunt for a beach umbrella or beach tent though.
  • Visit the Coventry Farmer’s Market as much as possible
  • Attend the Vermont Brewers Festival – we went last year but I was pregnant and couldn’t fully participate.  This also means leaving Logan with my mom for a whole weekend!  I don’t know if I’m ready for that but it will be nice for Matt and I to get away
  • Take the boat to at least one Music on the River concert
  • Go for family walks each night.  There is a rails-to-trail route right by our house that we should take advantage of more often!
  • Make pesto, grilled vegetables, and salads from our garden
  • Take Logan on his first flight – we are headed to Michigan in August for a family reunion.  Any tips for traveling with a baby??
  • Plan a 24 hour whirlwind tour of Chicago.  We are flying in and out of Chicago on our way to Michigan and will be there overnight before flying home.  Neither Matt or I have been before so I’m hoping to visit some key spots during our short stay
  • Eat lobster!  There are spots down on the CT shoreline where you can buy it fresh off the boat.  NOTHING is better than a fresh lobster.
  • Have a date night with Matt at least twice a month.  Enjoying a meal and wine outside during the warm summer months is my favorite and we need the time to reconnect with each other.
  • Attend Sailfest to see the fireworks display

What activities are you looking forward to this summer?  I also hope to blog more!