imageHow was everyone’s weekend?  We had absolutely beautiful weather here in CT so I packed up Logan and took him on his first official hike!  We visited Case Mountain in Manchester which is a nice family-friendly place and can be as easy or difficult as you’d like based on the trail you choose. Considering I was carrying him in our Baby Bjorn backpack we opted for the main path following the white blazes which is a bit easier than the rest, although the initial hoof up the hill with 17 extra pounds strapped to you is no easy feat!

The area is the former family land of the twin Case brothers, who operated a highly successful paper mill during the 1800s.  Their mansions sit on either side of the entrance to the recreational area and a really neat, although dilapidated, chestnut cabin can be found along the trails.  I love history, especially that which can be found in your own backyard! The summit, Lookout Mountain, offers great views of Hartford and the surrounding areas.  Although the trees are still brown at this point it is still a lovely hike.  Logan seemed to enjoy taking in the sights and was sound asleep by the end of it.

image I also found this adorable embroidered dress from Gap that I can’t wait to arrive. I’ve been seriously gravitating towards breezy bohemian styles lately and this one will be great with wedges on a warm summer night.  Plus I scored it for 35% off (this sale is still going on!) making it even sweeter. image

Also how cute is Logan in his new sun hat?! I’m obsessed with this little boy.


All around an excellent weekend!


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